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Publications, Reviews and Lectures

Minna Rozen, “Metropolis and Necropolis: the Cultivation of Social Status among the Jews of Istanbul in the 17th and 18th Centuries,” in V. Costantini and M. Koller (eds.), Living in the Ottoman Ecumenical Community. Essays in honour of Suraiya Faroqhi, Leiden-Boston 2008, pp. 89-114. (PDF)


מינה רוזן, "על מותן של נשים יקרות: המצבות של נשי המעמד העליון באסתאנבול היהודית במאה השמונה - עשרה" פעמים 150-152( 2017), עמ' 163-220  
Minna Rozen, "Romans in Istanbul", in Stefan Reif, Avriel Bar-Levav and Andreas Lehnardt, eds., Death in Jewish Life: Burial and Mourning Customs among Jews of Europe and Nearby Communities (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter GmbH), 2014 pp. 289-358.

Tombstone of Sultana, wife of Shelomo Hamon and daughter of Teshuva son of Moshe Roman, died 13 January 1648

"Romans in Istanbul" - Part 1

"Romans in Istanbul" - Part 2

Minna Rozen, "Of Orphans, Marriage, and Money: Mating Patterns of Istanbul’s Jews in the Early Nineteenth Century," in Eyal Ginio and Elie Podeh, eds., The Ottoman Middle East: Studies in Honor of Amnon Cohen (Leiden-Boston: Brill,2014),pp.149-176

Jewish Marriage in Istanbul by Henry J. Van-Lennep (1862 ), from The Oriental Album: twenty illustrations, in oil colors, of the people and scenery of Turkey, with an explanatory and descriptive text. By Rev. Henry J. Van Lennep (New York Public Library, Catalog Call Number: MMR++ (Van Lennep, H. J. Oriental album),digital ID: 82960,record ID: 112084).

אשר עובדיה, "מה אפשר ללמוד מאבנים," הארץ , תרבות וספרות , 30 ליוני 1995, עמ' 9ב


אשר עובדיה, "סיפורו של בית הקברות בח'אסקוי", פעמים 67 (1996) , עמ' 145-148
Book Review - İlber Ortaylı, "Yahudi Kültürüne Katkı", Tarih ve Toplum 140 (August 1995), p.62 Book Review - Gerard Nahon, Minna Rozen: Hasköy Cemetery. Typology of Stones, University of Pennsylvania, Center for Judaic Studies, Tel Aviv, University, Diaspora Research Institute,1994’, Revue des Etudes Juives 157(1998):238-240 Nicolas Vatin, "Art Juif ou art Ottoman .? Compte-rendu de l'ouvrage de Minna Rozen., Haskoy Cemetery. Typology of Stones," Turcica XXVIII (14), pp. 361-368
Book Review, Vangelis Kechriotis - The Last Ottoman Century And Beyond, The Jews in Turkey and the Balkans 1808-1945, by Minna Rozen. (PDF) Book Review, Zsófia Saffi - N. FAROQHI, SURAIYA (ed.): The Cambridge History of Turkey. Volume 3: The Later Ottoman Empire, 1603–1839. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2006, XXI + 619 pp. + 5 maps. ISBN 978052162095 6 (PDF)  


Minna Rozen, “Public Space and Private Space among the Jews of Istanbul during the 16th through 17th Centuries”, Turcica, 30 (1998): 331-346

A Jewish neighborhood in Istanbul (Balat?), an etching from 1878

Boatmen and Fishermen`s Guilds in 19th Century Istanbul

Kayiks on the Golden Horn, photo by  Sebah & Joaillier 1885




Minna Rozen's keynote speech  "From Necropolis to Metropolis: The Study of Jewish Cemeteries in Istanbul" in the   workshop on "Death, Burial and Mourning Liturgy in the Ashkenazi Communities from the Early Medieval  Period " at the Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Center, Tel Aviv University, 12 May, 2010 (in Hebrew)

Minna Rozen on "The Cycle of Life and the Meaning of Old Age in the Ottoman Period" in the Academic Channel of the University of Haifa, 8 March 2001 (in Hebrew)

Part 1

Part 2




Publications, Reviews and Lectures

Minna Rozen,"For the Sake of My Brothers: The Great Fire of Salonika (1917) and the Mobilization of Diaspora Jewry on Behalf of the Victims," in Αρχείων Ανάλεκτα:Περιοδική έκδοση μελέτης και έρευνας αρχείων(δεύτερη περίοδος), 2(Θεσσαλονίκη 2017), pp. 183-258 (PDF)
" On Nationalizing Minorities: The Education of Salonikan Jewry, 1912– 1941." in Αρχείων Ανάλεκτα:Περιοδική έκδοση μελέτης και έρευνας αρχείων) δεύτερη περίοδος), 3 (Θεσσαλονίκη 2018), pp.127-232. (PDF)
Minna Rozen,Facing the Sea:The Jews of Salonika in the Ottoman Era (1430–1912) (PDF)  
Minna Rozen, "The Jewish Community of Salonika,1912–1941: Organizational Patterns ," Αρχείων Ανάλεκτα:Περιοδική έκδοση μελέτης και έρευνας αρχείων(δεύτερη περίοδος), 1(Θεσσαλονίκη 2016), pp. 306-367

Ha-Menorah, Benei Berith organ. 1923
Minna Rozen, "The Organization of the Jewish Community of Salonika 1912-1941," (in Hebrew) in Eyal Ginio, ed. The Book of Greek Jewry, the 19th and 20ieth centuries (Jerusalem:Ben Zvi Institute, 2014),pp.139-162. (PDF)  
Minna Rozen, "Jews and Greeks Remember their Past: The Political Career of Rabbi Tzevi Koretz, 1933-1943" to appear in  Jewish Social Studies, 12/1(2005),pp. 111-165. (PDF)

Baron Hirsch Ghetto in Salonika ; view from Pavlo Mela Street as seen today, photo by Shai Srugo 28 April, 2008
Minna Rozen, The Last Ottoman Century and Beyond: The Jews of Turkey and the Balkans, 1808 - 1945, Vol. 1, Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University, 2005, pp. 255-310 (PDF)

The Hebrew New Years' Eve issue of the Zionist organ "El Maccabeo" 1917
Minna Rozen, “Contest and Rivalry in Mediterranean Maritime Commerce in the First Half of the 18th Century: The Jews of Salonika and the European Presence”, Revue des Études Juives, CXLVII (1988), pp. 309-352 (PDF)  
"Entrevista con la Prof. Minna Rozen Coordinatora de la CÜthedra de Historia y Cultura de los Judios de SÜlonica y Grecia : Las comunidades sefardies viven en la UTA," Informaciones de la Universidad de Tel Aviv, XI (1997),pp. xi-xii. (PDF)  




Publications, Reviews and Lectures

Minna Rozen, The Last Ottoman Century and Beyond: The Jews of Turkey and the Balkans, 1808 - 1945, Vol. 1, Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University, 2005, pp. 321-332 (PDF)

The dilapidated synagogue in Vidin, Bulgaria, built in 1888-1894

Formal attire of Jewish women in 19th Century Bulgaria

The Vidin Synagogue

The Jewish cemetery of Karnobat containing tombstones from the 17th through 19th centuries, photo: Tzevi Keren 

Wall decoration at the Plovdiv synagogue in Bulgaria, built in 1887


Publications, Reviews and Lectures